Pre-release Diancie Giveaway! With Bonus Shiny

These are the pre-release Diancies from July 6th. I got them in seperate trades, but they are all technically the same Diancie, since this release was pretty much nothing but clones. They have the exact same stats, movesets, OT, etc.


Must reblog to enter. You can also like for a second entry.

No more than 1 reblog and 1 like per person please!

Have your ask box open or I will draw another name.

Respond to my message with 24 hours or I will draw another name.

No giveaway blogs please.

You must give me your Friend Code and trainer name if you win, otherwise I cannot trade you the Pokemon.

Must be recieved on X or Y.

There will be 5 winners who will each recieve 1 Diancie! Each winner will also get to pick 1 bonus shiny from a list c: 

Giveaway ends July 25th, 10PM Pacific time!


Time for another Giveaway because I have way too many pokemon in my Pokemon Bank, and to celebrate 500 followers.

This time I’m giving away 12 glorious legendary pokemon to TWO lucky winners.

1ST PARTY (Shiny Pokemon)

Latios, lvl 100, Mild

Latias, lvl 100, Calm

Ho-Oh, lvl 100, Naughty

Lugia, lvl 50, Timid

Mew, lvl 100, Hardy

Mewtwo, lvl 100, Timid (with your choice of Mewtwonite!)

2ND PARTY (Event Pokemon)

Meloetta, lvl 52, Timid

Jirachi, lvl 5, Quiet

Celebi, lvl 10, Mild

Mew, lvl 51, Relaxed

Arceus, lvl 100, Naughty

Victini, lvl 16, Naive


Must be following me

Only reblogs count. You can like this post to find it later but it won’t get you extra entries.

I’m not taking any offers for any of these guys or any other pokemon just yet, I have all 718 in my bank and then some.

Reblog as much as you like!

Must have X or Y and be comfortable with sharing friendcodes

Both winners must respond within 24 hours of me sending out the messages or there will be a re-draw!

All the pokemon I’m trading are legitimate as far as I’m aware! I got them all from trades and from previous games I owned, and I’m trusting the ones that were given to me as real. There is a possibility that some of the ones traded to me are not “legit” or are clones. If this bothers you, don’t enter. Sorry!

Giveaway ends on August 1st! Good luck!

I’m proud of them!

Yesterday I made paper dolls with the girls. For bodies, I had five white dolls and two african american dolls. All six of my girls are white. And I found out quickly that 6 year olds can’t tell the difference between white and African American. Either that or they don’t care. Both of the black dolls were used and I had one white doll left over.

Haha so this is what I do when I’m procrastinating.

is this the purge?



I’ve decided that my next phone will be the Google Nexus 5 with T-Mobile

HEY Does anyone have T-Mobile and like it? I’m thinking I need a new phone and Verizon is grating on me.

the first thing i’d do if I won that pch thing I’m entered in is quit college because i hate it

college is sucky. i want to learn, not be graded. boo to college.